I have always had a love for colour, texture, and the creative process.  I'm a graduate of the Fashion Design Program at KPU with extended studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I worked in the technical side of the industry where pattern making, CAD, production specs and manufacturing were my main focus for a number of years, but returned to my love of fibre arts in 2000, when I again extended my studies in Surface Design.  Weaving was introduced to me through private lessons - it was then that I realized this was my true passion.  A few years later, a whole new world opened up to me through the process of natural dying. Weaving, combined with the natural dyes gave me the creative outlet I always craved, but also the technical side I enjoyed.

I love how organic the process of making cloth is when done by hand.  Still, after almost 20 years, I find myself in awe of the cloth I've created each time I pull it off the loom. Combined with Mother Nature, who never ceases to amaze me with her amazing palette, the natural dyes and handwoven textiles combine to truly make my heart sing.